Reciprocal Clubs

We are currently in the process of updating our list of reciprocal Clubs.

If you have any questions about possible club affiliations or require a letter of introduction to a reciprocal club please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please see the list of reciprocal Clubs below. Click on the Club name to see their home page.


The Union Club of British Columbia

Terminal City Club of Vancouver, BC

Edmonton City Club, Alberta

Calgary Petroleum Club, Alberta

Ranchman's Club of Calgary, Alberta

Saskatoon Club, Saskatchewan

Manitoba Club, Winnipeg

The Windsor Club of Windsor, Ontario

The London Club of London, Ontario

The National Club of Toronto, Ontario

Rideau Club of Ottawa, Ontario

The Forest & Stream Club of Dorval, Quebec

The Quebec Garrison Club

Union Club of St. John, Newbrunswick

United States

Santa Barbara Club of Santa Barbara, California

Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club of Santa Barbara, California

University Club Portland, Oregon

Cumberland Club of Portland, Maine

University Club of Providence, RI

University Club of Durham, NC

The Downtown Association of NY, NY

Petroleum Club of Forth Worth, Texas

United Kingdom

National Liberal Club of London, England

The Athenaeum of Liverpool, England

The Cambridge Union Society, England

Cardiff and County Club of Cardiff, Wales

City University Club of London, England

Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain


Royal Dublin Society of Dublin, Ireland

Cercle Munster of Luxembourg


The British Club Bangkok

Central & South America

Club Union Costa Rica

Australia & New Zealand

Kelvin Club of Melbourne

Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia


Country Club Johannesburg

Procedure for visiting an affiliate club:

Our list of affiliate clubs can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link. Please browse to the websites of the affiliate clubs you wish to visit, by following the website link found in that club's entry in the List.

  1. Using the email link, also found under each club's listing, you should make initial contact with the club you wish to visit, and determine if they are able to accommodate you for the dates and times you wish to visit them.

  2. Once that is confirmed, contact The Cypress Club (see contact information below) , so that we can email, or fax the affiliate club, a "Letter of Introduction" on your behalf, confirming the details of your visit and ensuring them that you are a member-in-good-standing of our Club. This only available to Primary Members.

  3. You may wish to ask for a copy of the Letter of Introduction to be faxed/emailed to you, so that you will have it with you when you arrive at the affiliate club, in case there are any issues at that end of your visit.

  4. Please Note: Charges occurred at any affiliate clubs must be settled at the time of departure from that club and can not be charged to the Cypress Club.

For a letter of introduction, please contact:

The Cypress Club Administrator
Ph. 403-526-2988

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